Jenny Craig Weight Watchers comparison

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are two quite popular diets nowadays, but which one is better? Let's compare Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and find the difference between Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. So let's start based on the main features:

Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers


Both of the diets plans target at a dieter that want to lose weight quickly. The difference is that Weight Watchers aim at a dieter on a moderate budget, providing the support for them. Jenny Craig manufacturers also target at a person that wants to lose weight without easing special foods and counting calories, providing with the personalized support.


The main point of the Jenny Craig diet is that a person can lose weight without counting calories relying on its diet plan. Opposed to that, Weight Watchers offer to get a special diet plan that takes into account personal physical peculiarities such as calories, fat, and fiber content of food.

Food Choice

Both of the diet plans provide with prepackaged food choice based on the diet program. However, Jenny Craig offers to have 3 meals, 1 snack, desserts, fruits, veggies per day. Nevertheless, Weight Watchers do not limit dieters from eating some of the foods which they would not like to give up.

Amount of effort

If we compare Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers concerning the degree of effort in keeping a diet, we will find out that their concepts are totally different. While Weight Watchers suppose you counting your calorie points according to your diet allowance, the users of Jenny Craig products simply get their food delivered to them. So at this point, the Jenny Craig diet is rather beneficial.


Both of the diet programs cost a solid sum of money, however, it is rather affordable for ordinary Americans. According to Jenny Craig diet, you have to pay a registration fee, and later for a monthly fee. Weight Watchers offer to pay for only those online meetings you attend or those that are made exclusively for you. Hence, on this point Weight Watchers are more money-saving.

Special needs

There is a special offering in Jenny Craig diet for those who have Type 2 diabetes. However, if you are vegan, this food program is not for you because even in the food where there is no meat, still, there is dairy. Besides, children under 13 or those who have soy, milk, or wheat allergies cannot eat this food. Comparison between Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers provides with information that Weight Watchers can feed vegetarians, teenagers, both men and women, and people with diabetes, but with prior consultation with their physician.

To sum up, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers comparison drop a hint that Weight Watchers is not a limited program, but rather demanding. Jenny Craig is not very strict but has only a few options for several special categories of people with health issues. Anyway, both of the diet plans are considered to be effective despite the fact they may cost pretty much.

Compare both of the diet plans and choose the one for you. Stay slim and remember: there is no limit of perfection!



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