About Chef Skye

Chef Skye Davis

My Certifications:
BS Kinesiology, Health & Fitness from TCU
M.ED Masters in Educational Administration from TCU
Crossfit Level 1 Certified
AFPA Cycle
SCW Group Exercise & Strength
SCW Yoga I and II


Life motto: To be inspired you must inspire.

I have been very blessed in my career to have experience and expertise in many different areas. They say if you aren't challenged you aren't changed and so I thrive on putting myself in situations that do exactly that. One of my goals is to bring joy and passion to each position I am in as well as infect others to bring the same kind of passion to their own lives.

My name is Skye Davis and I feel like I really need to lay it all out there for you guys. I have been around sports all my life growing up and haven't stopped. My sophomore year in college I was sitting in a microeconomics class and realized that being a business major sucked!! So, I went to what I knew most about and was most passionate about...Health and Fitness.

My career experiences range from collegiate strength and conditioning coach, group fitness instructor, corporate wellness coordinator, coaching Crossfit, business owner, volleyball coach, and fitness sales. Stay motivated, want more out of life, step outside your comfort zone and you are bound to succeed, but never forget you must fail to really find success. It has been my mission to educate people and understand what behaviors cause change so that I can guide them to success.

When Chef Holly came to me about My Private Chef it was such a god send and I can’t tell you how perfect this is for me. Ever since high school I have wanted to grocery shop and cook for people in their homes. I understood the busy lives that people lead and I wanted to be a part of that. With My Private Chef I can do this more efficiently rather than going door to door cooking for everyone!

My passion is nutrition and fitness so I hope you are ready for what is to come with MPC. I think that everyone can benefit greatly.

Clients choose from a menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and can pay as low as $150 for a five day supply of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prepared food is hand delivered or can be picked up and is ready to eat in minutes. Contact Chef Skye for a free consultation and get started today!


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